Why plant pansies in the Fall? They are a hardy cold weather flower that can handle temperatures down into the 20s and usually return in the Spring spectacularly!


To add color to your fall garden, Giordano’s has beautiful pansies at this time of year! Stop by today for our colorful selection.

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For your soil, we recommend changing out the soil in your pots with fresh new potting soil! If you’re planting in the ground, consider a soil enhancer such as Bumper Crop (also available at Giordano’s).

Come in to our nursery at 295 Glen Cove Ave in Sea Cliff and have one of our trained employees help you pick out a beautiful selection of brightly colored pansies to enhance your fall garden.

House-Plant Propagation

Nature has had billions of years to perfect it’s strategy for survival. Plants especially are capable of fascinating reproduction. For example by clipping the leaf from a Snake plant, such as the one pictured below, cutting it into three pieces and planting it in soil, a new plant will emerge in 12 weeks. In contrast a spider plant sends shoots out from it’s base and on the end of each shoot grows a replica of the “mother” plant that can be rooted by placing the “baby” in a glass of water for 10-12 days. Once new roots are 2 inches the “baby” can be planted in soil & will eventually become a mother plant itself! Begonias are yet entirely different! To propagate begonias, take a clipping with at least 2 leaves and place the stem in a glass of water and new roots will emerge in 5-7 days, roots need to be 3-4 inches long before planting for best results.

Angel-Wing Begonia

Angel-Wing Begonia

Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Spider Plant

Spider Plant


Propagating plants is a wonderful way to give presents and promote sustainability. Check out this article on how houseplants actually keep you healthier! House Plants Keep You Healthy!

All About Mycorrhizae


Mycorrhizae Help Feed Your Plants

Symbiotic relationships exist throughout the natural world. Species tend to develop these mutually beneficial relationships in order to overcome certain obstacles and often they come to depend on the advantage that working together to achieve a common goal supplies. As it turns out one such symbiotic relationship exists that we can take advantage of as gardeners!

I’ll Give You One Hint Because I’m a Fun-Guy (Fungi)

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Need new garden gloves?

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We Carry Organic and Alternative Fertilizers and care products

Not only are they safer for you and your family, but organic fertilizers are also pet friendly and naturally increase the resilience of your garden/lawn/trees/shrubs



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After a long and cold Winter, your garden requires nutrients and special care

Avoid pests, eliminate molds, and repair frostbite and other Winter Damage with organic fertilizers and care products from Giordano’s! Now is the time to take action to repair damage to your lawn and garden caused by this winter’s unusually cold and harsh weather.


Basic maintenance can help your garden look like this: