Your once beautiful garden is now a mass of spent vines, stubborn weeds, and greens gone to seed. Your poor, sad garden.

Plant Seeds Now, Using a Cold Frame

Giordano’s has gotten in new seeds for spring. Because people know there are several months to go before the earth will be ready to be planted, they assume they have to wait. But you can actually plant seeds now if you have a cold frame to help give plants  a head start.  

Create A Friendly Backyard for Birds

The Winter Need to Feed Birds seek out yards that offer food, water and cover, and they thrive in those that offer safety from harmful pesticides, chemicals, predators and other dangers in our human-dominated world. With freezing weather, limited natural food sources, and migration, feeding will save birds’ lives. Most birds that visit backyards in Create A Friendly Backyard for Birds

Sowing Seeds for Seven Fall Crops

Giordano’s has the Seeds you Need for these Seven Crops Sowing seeds directly in the garden will give you a mature crop indicated by the days listed in the parentheses.*

Plant Veggie Seeds and Plants for Fall Harvest

The first week of August is a great time to think about replacing early season crops with cool weather vegetables for the fall.


We Have Organic Seeds!! We carry both “Botanical Interests Organic Seed” and “Livingston Seed” at Giordano’s. Come in and see our large selection of non-GMO seeds including a wide variety of organic vegetable seeds, flowering annuals, organic melon seeds and much more for your garden beds! We also carry starter kits for enthusiasts wanting to get GMO???