Weed, Baby, Weed! (Or Plant, for That Matter) Gardening is a healthy habit! It burns calories, it works your muscles, and it increases your harvest. And while it’s good to dig in the dirt, the aftereffects can be a pain. That’s why it’s important to condition your core, and position yourself correctly so the right WHO KNEW? GARDENING IS A HEALTHY HABIT!


You probably know someone (maybe even yourself) who has said, “Gardening is too hard. There is so much to learn. I just know if I plant something, I’ll kill it.” Well, of course you will. Everyone who has ever gardened since Adam and Eve has killed a plant. This is called learning. It’s how we RANDOM THOUGHTS ON GARDENING

Feed Your Soil, or Feed Your Plants?

“I thought adding plant food to the water would be best for my plants. What is the difference between feeding the plants and feeding the soil?” Organic Fertilizers and Soil Amendments At Giordano’s Gift and Garden we sell fertilizers and soil amendments for every gardener’s needs, and we are committed to providing organic products as Feed Your Soil, or Feed Your Plants?

Grow a Healthy and Beautiful Garden

Which Growing Zone? Growing a garden in Zone 7a (this is the zone we live in on Long Island) means we have the best of both warm and cool climates. Summer temperatures are warm enough to grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and many other subtropical plants. Winter temperatures can be cool enough to freeze the soil Grow a Healthy and Beautiful Garden

Plant Seeds Now, Using a Cold Frame

Giordano’s has gotten in new seeds for spring. Because people know there are several months to go before the earth will be ready to be planted, they assume they have to wait. But you can actually plant seeds now if you have a cold frame to help give plants  a head start.  

Bring in Your Tropical Plants Now!

Have you got hibiscus, mandevilla, or other tropical plants you don’t want to say goodbye to for the winter? Follow these simple steps and you will be able to enjoy your tropical plants again next summer.