organic gardening

The Secret of Organic Veggies

Ok, you got me, there is no one single secret, but rather a conglomeration of techniques, best practices, etc that encourage the growth and quality you want in a home grown vegetable. From soil types to fertilizers to plant spacing, this guide will leave you feeling capable and ready to get started! So… Let’s to

6 Amazing Facts About Earthworms

Introduction A garden without earthworms is simply amiss! Earthworms help to aerate your soil, break down essential nutrients, and improve water retention. Earthworms can grow up to 14-18″ in length in North America and can live for up to 8 years, though 2-3 years is much more likely as they support a large variety of

The Plight of Monarchs & How to Save Them

Where Have All the Monarch’s Gone? It’s sad, but true. Monarch butterlies have been on a decade-long decline and scientists fear they will soon be extinct. In fact, since the 1990s biologists have measured a 90% decrease in the number of Monarch’s compared to their previous 20-year average. To put that into perspective, imagine that

Got Weeds? We Got What You Need!

Giordano’s has your back! We’ve put together a list of the most difficult to control weeds that are common in the Long Island, NY region (but applies to the majority of Horticultural Zones 6 & 7). Let’s be honest, you have better things to do than weed your lawns all day, so here are a

Earthworms are Great for your Garden!

  The many benefits of Earthworms…              Earthworms tunnel through the soil allowing air and moisture to pass through. An aerated soil allows bacteria to break down organic matter within the soil. Earthworms produce an excrement called “Castings”. They improve the porosity and hold moisture in the soil. A healthy soil is the basis of a

Mycorrhizae: Endo & Ecto! Wait… What?

All About Mycorrhizae Symbiotic relationships exist throughout the natural world. Species tend to develop these mutually beneficial relationships in order to overcome certain obstacles and often they come to depend on the advantage that working together to achieve a common goal supplies. As it turns out one such symbiotic relationship exists that we can take