Repairing Winter Damage In Your Garden

Winter Garden Damage – What Now? Winter can offer obstacles for our gardens.  Cold, snow, ice, freeze/thaw cycles, wind, salt from treating roads and sidewalks are a few that spring to mind. Most of those obstacles can be readily overcome, but some are more challenging. Cold, Snow, Freeze/Thaw Cycles – In Other Words, Normal Winter Repairing Winter Damage In Your Garden

Wild Garlic or Wild Onion?

Which one do you have in your lawn or garden?            Wild Garlic                                         Wild Onion Both are perennial, spread by seed, bulb, and bulblet. Wild garlic has 2–4 long narrow leaves that Wild Garlic or Wild Onion?

Weed Control In April

Bonide Products & Weed Control in April Controlling weeds in April is often more challenging than other times of the year due to the fact that most weed killers do not work in colder weather. But in fact, controlling weeds early is the best way to keep them from getting out of control later on Weed Control In April

Weeds you will see in your landscape soon!

Chickweed Henbit-Dead Nettle  Lesser Celandine Wintercress Use Weed Beater Ultra from Bonide to take care of these broadleaf weeds in your lawn or garden. Works very well in cool temperatures.

Do you need to control weeds and reseed your lawn?

August 20th is also usually a good time to apply crabgrass or weed control if necessary. Be sure daytime temperatures are no higher than the low 80s. 70s are more ideal. Look for a still day with no rain in the forecast for 24 hours. Wait 2 weeks to seed after applying weed or crabgrass Do you need to control weeds and reseed your lawn?

Wild Violet in your lawn!

Another stubborn weed appearing in your lawn this week. Wild Violet Take care of this weed with non-selective KleenUp or RoundUp. Be careful of how you apply, since it will also kill surrounding plants.

Natural Alternative Fertilizers

We Carry Organic and Alternative Fertilizers and care products Not only are they safer for you and your family, but organic fertilizers are also pet friendly and naturally increase the resilience of your garden/lawn/trees/shrubs   Click Here For Dr. Earth Products and More!