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Are you magnet for insects?

If you are, you know it. As soon as you walk outdoors it seems, annoying insects are attracted to you. Or perhaps you have a neighbor who can only visit you indoors during the summer months because of the outdoor pests they are bothered by.

But it might help to know that there are ways to help you enjoy the outdoors by strategically placing insect-repelling plants in your garden or on your patio.
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What is Companion Planting?

Companion gardening is the planting together of plants that have similar growing needs,  to maximize the production of both plants. It is still an experimental field with more research needed, but there are some things we do know and can pass along.

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Tips for Container Gardening

Why Container Gardening?

Perhaps you live in an apartment, have limited space in your yard, or just don’t want to have a full-scale garden. By growing in containers, you can have fresh vegetables and herbs just steps from your kitchen, and they can enhance your patio, deck, or balcony.

Kale container

Containers can also be moved to take advantage of the sun’s changing location during the season. You can use several large pots in which you can plant a salad garden, herbs and flowers..

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We Have Organic Seeds!!

We carry both “Botanical Interests Organic Seed” and “Livingston Seed” at Giordano’s. Come in and see our large selection of non-GMO seeds including a wide variety of organic vegetable seeds, flowering annuals, organic melon seeds and much more for your garden beds! We also carry starter kits for enthusiasts wanting to get a jump on the season by starting indoors.

Small indoor Greenhouses can be a great way to get your vegetables up to snuff before transplanting them into your garden beds. They are easy to maintain and require only to be set in a south facing window, or have a UV lamp concentrated on the kit to give the seedlings the proper amount of light they need to grow healthy and strong.

A Few of Our Favorites:

1027p_Morning-Glory-Heavenly-Blue edited