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Ever heard the phrase, “diversity makes us stronger”?

Well as it turns out, that is true in your garden too! Permaculture is an agricultural philosophy that subscribes to the notion that diversity of plant-life = resilience in your garden/landscape. Or in other words the wider variety of plants you have growing close to eachother, the less likely it is that your “ecosystem” will succumb to disease & pests. Sounds good? We thought so too!
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Sorry Gertrude Stein!

Sorry Gertrude Stein, but a rose is not a rose, is not a rose. All roses, and for that matter, all plants are not created equal. Looks can be deceiving; the same type of plant that is offered for sale in the marketplace may look the same, but often it is not. A superior plant is bred from superior genes.

All plants can appear healthy in a nursery where they are maintained by a professional staff and receive just the right amount of care. But when you buy a plant for your home, you want to select a plant that will perform well under normal growing conditions and will do so for years to come with a minimum of care. That is why it is essential to purchase quality grown plants.

Question: What does it take to produce a quality plant?

Answer: Good Genes!

There are better grades of plants. A commercial plant grower creates new plants by taking cuttings from existing plants. He then places these cuttings in a rooting media that encourages the new cutting to grow roots from the point at which it was cut. After a few weeks the cutting is growing roots and has become a new plant. It is critical that the grower takes cuttings from only superior grade plants since these cuttings will have the same genetic characteristics as the parent plant.

Selecting a superior plant from which to take these from cuttings is the key to creating superior plants.


Why is this important?

Once you have selected a plant that is suitable to the location you wish to plant in, a superior plant will produce the results you desire, namely the following:

  • Good heat and cold tolerance
  • Better pest and disease resistance
  • Good growth with a minimum of care
  • Adaptability to soil conditions and harsh weather
  • Performance consistent with desired traits:
    • Dwarf plants that remain dwarf
    • Flowering plants that flower as advertised

Here at Giordano’s we question our growers on their growing practices and often visit their nurseries to inspect their product. This insures that our customers continue to receive the quality plants that they have come to expect.

7 Tips for Amazing Tomatoes!

1. Choose a bright, airy spot.

Plant tomatoes where they will get at least 10 hours of light in summer. And leave room between plants for air to circulate.



2. Crop Rotation

Alternate your tomato bed between even just two spots and you diminish the risk of soilborne diseases such as bacterial spot and early blight.


3. When buying Tomato Starts BEWARE!

When buying tomato seedlings, beware of lush green starts with poor root systems. They will languish for weeks before growing.



4. Plant ‘Em Deep!

Plant your tomato seedlings up to the first true leaves. New roots will quickly sprout on the stems. More roots means more fruits.

5. Water Thoroughly, But Not Everyday!

Tomatoes do best when watered every 5-6 days. Soak them THOROUGHLY by watering at the base (try not to pour water on the leaves, especially on hot days!)



6. Compost!

Tomatoes LOVE compost and Bumper Crop NEVER hurts! In fact mixing equal parts Long Island Compost and Bumper Crop is the IDEAL food for your tomatoes! We carry both at Giordano’s!

7. Stagger Planting

Plant in stages. Plant half of your allotted garden area, wait 3 weeks and then plant the other half. This will ensure that all your tomatoes don’t come in at once. You can also do it in thirds (only wait 2 weeks between sets).


Get Your Share On!

Going for the Green? Here Are A Few Tips:

First, growing a beautiful lawn is NOT easy! It’s quite a process actually and requires patience, persistence and perseverance. Whether you are filling in a patchy lawn or growing grass from scratch in a section of bare earth, compost is key to your success and the success of your grass seedlings!


Here are our recommendations in no particular order:

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Just a Quick Post from a Proud Web Admin!

Hi there Giordano’s Blog Fans!

Just a quick announcement, no frills attached. Giordano’s after 1 month of being online is now 1st-page-indexed on Google “naturally”. What does that mean? It means that you can search on google for ‘Giordanos’ (just that as a single word) and we’re on the first page for the first time! Why is that great? Before our launch we were buried on the 4th page and NO ONE ever reads the 4th page of Google unless they’re desperately searching for something that’s fairly obscure.

What’s the big deal? Well, without advertising, it takes quite a bit of information, relevancy, consistency, time and a plethora of back-links out there on the web to get natural 1st page search results. Typically, it takes a business with great content 3-6 months to achieve natural first page results. Giordano’s did it in 34 days and I couldn’t be more proud of the whole team!

Recognition is DESERVED!

Paul, Chris, & Rachel, the three of you have done an EXCELLENT job thus far! Keep up the great work

-Dave from Web Garden Consulting