Tips for Container Gardening

Why Container Gardening? Perhaps you live in an apartment, have limited space in your yard, or just don’t want to have a full-scale garden. By growing in containers, you can have fresh vegetables and herbs just steps from your kitchen, and they can enhance your patio, deck, or balcony. Containers can also be moved to Tips for Container Gardening

Repairing Winter Damage In Your Garden

Winter Garden Damage – What Now? Winter can offer obstacles for our gardens.  Cold, snow, ice, freeze/thaw cycles, wind, salt from treating roads and sidewalks are a few that spring to mind. Most of those obstacles can be readily overcome, but some are more challenging. Cold, Snow, Freeze/Thaw Cycles – In Other Words, Normal Winter Repairing Winter Damage In Your Garden


Cold Frames and Raised Beds Ease Gardening and Boost Crop Output Come to Giordano’s for cool new products like “standing garden” supplies–cold frames and planters for fall.

Pansy Flats. Get ready for Spring!

Modern horticulturists have developed a wide range of pansy flower colors and bicolors including yellow, gold, orange, purple, violet, red, white, and even near-black (very dark purple). Pansies typically display large showy face markings. Plants grow well in sunny or partially sunny positions in well-draining soils. Pansies are perennial, but normally grown as biennials or Pansy Flats. Get ready for Spring!

Weeds you will see in your landscape soon!

Chickweed Henbit-Dead Nettle  Lesser Celandine Wintercress Use Weed Beater Ultra from Bonide to take care of these broadleaf weeds in your lawn or garden. Works very well in cool temperatures.

It’s time to fertilize your trees, shrubs & perennials

Late fall is the time to fertilize your trees, scrubs and perennials. When the ground becomes cold your plants will turn dormant. The cold temperatures will allow the nutrients to be held in the soil all winter. They will work their way down deep into the root systems of your plants. As the weather begins It’s time to fertilize your trees, shrubs & perennials

Wild Violet in your lawn!

Another stubborn weed appearing in your lawn this week. Wild Violet Take care of this weed with non-selective KleenUp or RoundUp. Be careful of how you apply, since it will also kill surrounding plants.

Natural Alternative Fertilizers

We Carry Organic and Alternative Fertilizers and care products Not only are they safer for you and your family, but organic fertilizers are also pet friendly and naturally increase the resilience of your garden/lawn/trees/shrubs   Click Here For Dr. Earth Products and More!