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6 Amazing Facts About Earthworms


A garden without earthworms is simply amiss! Earthworms help to aerate your soil, break down essential nutrients, and improve water retention. Earthworms can grow up to 14-18″ in length in North America and can live for up to 8 years, though 2-3 years is much more likely as they support a large variety of animal species that eat Earthworms as a primary source of protein.

6 Amazing Earthworm Facts:

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Many thanks to Noreen Sequeira for the Infographics

The Power of Worms

Though having earthworms in your garden isn’t to be discouraged, in un-contained gardens it can be difficult to maintain a large colony. To that effect we have 2 recommendations.

  1. Buy Worm Castings (we have worm castings in stock) and spread liberally throughout your garden. If you have questions about how much to buy for your garden or landscape, stop by and we’ll be happy to help.
  2. Build a worm bin! We recommend worm bins as the best and most efficient way to keep and utilize the power of worms. Being that each worm can eat up to 100% of it’s own body weight every day, worms make ideal compost “machines”! By combining a small amount of soil, and rotten/discarded food scraps in a worm bin and then adding worms, you can produce your own organic worm castings which you can then add to your garden soil for it’s nutrient-rich contents and high moisture retention.

Earthworms are Great for your Garden!


The many benefits of Earthworms…              images

  • Earthworms tunnel through the soil allowing air and moisture to pass through. An aerated soil allows bacteria to break down organic matter within the soil.
  • Earthworms produce an excrement called “Castings”. They improve the porosity and hold moisture in the soil.
  • A healthy soil is the basis of a healthy garden! If your soil has these qualities your plants will grow larger and be able to fight off pests and diseases.
  • Come in to purchase a container of worm castings and add liquid organic fertilizers to increase your population of worms!