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Why plant pansies in the Fall? They are a hardy cold weather flower that can handle temperatures down into the 20s and usually return in the Spring spectacularly!


To add color to your fall garden, Giordano’s has beautiful pansies at this time of year! Stop by today for our colorful selection.

  • 3 for $8.99
  • 5 for $12.99

For your soil, we recommend changing out the soil in your pots with fresh new potting soil! If you’re planting in the ground, consider a soil enhancer such as Bumper Crop (also available at Giordano’s).

Come in to our nursery at 295 Glen Cove Ave in Sea Cliff and have one of our trained employees help you pick out a beautiful selection of brightly colored pansies to enhance your fall garden.

Now is the time to add compost to your garden beds!!


Bumper Crop – Organic soil builder

  • Organic Soil Amendment
  • super charged with Mycorrhizae
  • Worm Castings
  • Kelp Meal
  • Dehydrated Poultry Manure

Helpful Composting Hints

  • Mix in a 1″ layer to your flower and shrub beds.
  • Mix in a 2″ layer to your vegetable garden beds.
  • You can also add a handful of compost into each hole when planting trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and veggies!
  • Once this organic matter has been added, it will begin to improve the capacity of your soil to hold nutrients.