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Join the Great Backyard Bird Count This Weekend

(See last paragraph for details on the Great Backyard Bird Count).

While some birds migrate south for the winter, more species are ‘overwintering’ here due to climate change and milder winter months.


Before you even decide whether to put out supplemental food for your backyard birds, the thing that is most important is a clean, unfrozen source of water. You should change the water every 3 to 4 days in winter (more often in summer due to bacterial growth). The use of a plug in de-icer (available in our shop) will keep the water from freezing. You will be amazed at how much activity takes place at the bird bath. Put it where you can enjoy the show.

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Fall is a Great Time to Feed the Birds!

Why Feed in the fall?

  • Migrating birds need an abundance of food as they prepare for their journey south. As the weather begins to cool resources begin to decrease. Backyard feeders are the perfect way to boost their food source.

How to choose the right food..

  • Black oil sunflower seeds and nuts are high in fatty oils. This provides energy and stores up reserves for a cold winter.
  • Suet offers the fundamental fat for energy and temperature regulation.
  • Add safflower seed to discourage squirrel disruption as they do not like the taste of it.

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