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Got Leaves? Make Compost!


  • Composting is a way of enriching your garden at little or no cost.
  • What to Compost: food scraps, no meat or dairy. Leaves and yard waste no large branches or sticks.
  • Add Ringer Compost Plus All Purpose Compost Maker.
  • For faster results turn your compost every two weeks to aerate your pile and keep in direct sun
  • When finished it should look, feel and smell like rich, dark soil. You should not be able to recognize any of the items you put in there.
  • Apply finished compost to your garden 2-4 weeks before you plant.




Earthworms are Great for your Garden!


The many benefits of Earthworms…              images

  • Earthworms tunnel through the soil allowing air and moisture to pass through. An aerated soil allows bacteria to break down organic matter within the soil.
  • Earthworms produce an excrement called “Castings”. They improve the porosity and hold moisture in the soil.
  • A healthy soil is the basis of a healthy garden! If your soil has these qualities your plants will grow larger and be able to fight off pests and diseases.
  • Come in to purchase a container of worm castings and add liquid organic fertilizers to increase your population of worms!