Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter

Cleaning The Garden In Autumn – Fall cleanup can make spring gardening a treat instead of a chore. Garden clean up can also prevent pests, weed seeds and diseases from overwintering and causing problems when temperatures warm. Cleaning out the garden for winter also allows you to spend more time on the fun aspects of

Join the Great Backyard Bird Count This Weekend

(See last paragraph for details on the Great Backyard Bird Count). While some birds migrate south for the winter, more species are ‘overwintering’ here due to climate change and milder winter months. TO FEED OR NOT TO FEED Before you even decide whether to put out supplemental food for your backyard birds, the thing that

English Ivy – a Blessing or a Curse?

Last winter you may have been surprised to see a lot of local trees covered with green leaves. Except they weren’t on the branches, they were all along the trunk of the tree and headed for the sky. While the sight of green might cheer you in the winter time, what you are seeing is


Can I keep my rosemary plant happy all winter? This question comes up every fall. The easy answer is, “You can try.” There are also things you can do to improve your chances of success with keeping rosemary over the winter.


Just because it has been hot and humid well into September, don’t let that fool you. Fall is just about here and it’s a great time for planting.

Repairing Winter Damage In Your Garden

Winter Garden Damage – What Now? Winter can offer obstacles for our gardens.  Cold, snow, ice, freeze/thaw cycles, wind, salt from treating roads and sidewalks are a few that spring to mind. Most of those obstacles can be readily overcome, but some are more challenging. Cold, Snow, Freeze/Thaw Cycles – In Other Words, Normal Winter

Create A Friendly Backyard for Birds

The Winter Need to Feed Birds seek out yards that offer food, water and cover, and they thrive in those that offer safety from harmful pesticides, chemicals, predators and other dangers in our human-dominated world. With freezing weather, limited natural food sources, and migration, feeding will save birds’ lives. Most birds that visit backyards in

Giordano’s Christmas Tree Truths Part II

How to Care  for Your Farm-Grown Christmas Tree When a Christmas tree is cut, more than half its weight is water. With proper care, you can maintain the quality of your tree. Below are a number of tips on caring for your tree.

Wild Garlic or Wild Onion?

Which one do you have in your lawn or garden?            Wild Garlic                                         Wild Onion Both are perennial, spread by seed, bulb, and bulblet. Wild garlic has 2–4 long narrow leaves that

Do You Have Winter-Burned Evergreens? Wait it out, it’s science!

STOP! Don’t dig it up! Despite that it looks rather devastating, turns out it’s best to wait when you have winter burn damage on conifers and other evergreens. The primary symptoms are needle/leaf browning, particularly on evergreens that are out in the open and not clustered with other trees. However, this is NOT an indicator

How to Repair Salt Damage

Salt-Damage When Salt (sodium chloride) is used during the Winter to de-ice our streets, it can cause severe damage to a wide variety of roadside plants in your landscape. The core of the problem is the result of salt dissolving into runoff water from melting snow which leaches into the root zone of your plants.

How to properly store your Dahlias over winter…

The Dahlia root should be dug up immediately after the frost has killed the foliage. When digging, lift the tubers carefully from the ground so they do not break. Carefully pull the soil away from the roots. Allow the tubers to dry out in a garage or dry basement for a few days. Then cut