Houseplants purify the air, absorb harmful particles, and just make you feel better for having them around. But not all plants are equal, and it’s important to know where they should and sometimes should not be placed .


When selecting houseplants for kids’ rooms, it’s important to remember that your child is going to be spending time alone and unsupervised with these plants, which means toxic plants are completely out. Ideally, your child won’t be eating his or her plants, but to be on the safe side, you want to be sure it isn’t a problem.

Other plants, like cacti, are not toxic but can still be dangerous, at least to young children. Those spines can be more trouble than they’re worth. Save these for older kids.


Good children’s bedroom plants are ones that have low light and water requirements. You want a plant that can handle some neglect, too. It also makes sense to opt for plants that have an interesting texture and can tolerate some hands-on touching.

The following are considered safe for kids and can be placed in their rooms:

Snake Plant–has low light and water requirements with long, interesting leaves that come in a range of patterns.


Spider Plant–low light and water requirements. These plants put out small hanging ‘platelets’ that are fun to look at and easily transplanted for an interesting project.

African violets–low maintenance plants that bloom reliably, and have soft, fuzzy leaves that are fun to touch.

Aloe Vera–low water needs, and they are interesting to touch. Put them in a bright window.

There are many options to choose from. Plants can contribute to making a kid’s room a happy place, as well as a healthy one!

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