Not All Cabbage (or Kale) is for Eating

Have you noticed that decorative cabbages and kales are terrific alternatives (or additions) to mums for fall plantings? And, although they are edible, they aren’t as tasty and tender as their cousins.

Ornamental cabbage and kale are in the same species, Brassica oleracea, as edible cabbages and kale. They are the result of hybridizing . Although sometimes referred to as flowering cabbages, it’s the leaves that give the plants their color and interest as ornamentals. Sometimes it is not easy to tell the difference between cabbage and kale, although a good rule of thumb is that kale has the curlier leaves and often the deepest color.
curly cabbage

Ornamental cabbage and kale not only tolerate cold weather, but thrive in it. Their ideal conditions are full sun in October through November, when cold nights saturate colors of the leaves and center rosette with intense shades of blue and green. As temperatures drop, shades of pink, purple, red and white emerge. These plants are extremely cold-tolerant. They can survive winter temperatures as low as 5° F. if they are gradually acclimatized. While a sudden cold snap can be deadly, light and moderate frosts will intensify the brilliant coloring of these plants.

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