Lacecaps Like Light (and a Little Shade)

What You Should Know About Lacecap Hydrangeas

Lacecap hydrangeas are a more delicate version of their mophead relatives, and have the same growing requirements. See below for pruning hints.

Lacecaps can have blue or pink flowers, depending on the soil pH (below 5.5 results in blue; above 6.5, pink).  If you would like to test or change the soil pH, come in to Giordano’s to purchase an inexpensive soil tester.

As with most other hydrangeas, lacecaps should be planted in partial shade, or in an area where they will receive morning sun and afternoon shade.  Like all macrophylla species, lacecaps should be pruned in late summer (like now), as soon as the flowers fade.  Do not trim back after September.  Remove weaker stems from the base of the plant, but take care to keep several stems of old wood, as that is where new buds will be produced for next year’s blooms.