Cold Frames and Raised Beds Ease Gardening and Boost Crop Output

Come to Giordano’s for cool new products like “standing garden” supplies–cold frames and planters for fall.


The Cold Frame

A cold frame offers a comfortable environment for less hardy plants through the winter months in cold regions. Relying solely on the heat and warmth of the sun, a cold frame costs nothing to use, and Giordano’s has them already built to take home and place in the best spot to give your semi-hardy plants a fighting chance.

The first thing to consider is location. A shady spot won’t produce enough sun to keep plants warm, so choose a spot that receives an ample amount of sunlight each day. A south-facing wall works the best. By placing the cold frame in front of a building you are  providing protection from winds and the elements to a degree.

Well drained soil is also a must, and for added insulation, set the cold frame into the earth just a bit. Plant cool weather crops in the autumn – it’s possible to plant, grow and harvest fresh herbs, greens and root crops like carrots throughout the winter if the thermometer doesn’t plummet too low. Additional insulation may help in your winter growing endeavors.

A cold frame gives you the opportunity for fresh greens and herbs in the dead of winter. It protects semi-hardy plants from dying off in freezing temperatures.  And don’t forget, you get to give your spring veggies a head start, too!  You can start annual seedlings in a cold frame to get a head start on growing plants before the earth is ready to be planted.  Plants started in the cold frame will mature sooner than those planted directly in the garden.

Raised Beds by Gronomics

The elevated garden bed is another excellent new product at Giordano’s, ideal for small patios, decks, condos, apartments, and anywhere you’d like to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers. The elevated garden bed eliminates bending over while gardening and is perfect for gardeners with mobility and back issues. The other advantage is that raised beds prevent rabbits from raiding your crops before you are ready to harvest them!

Rustic, with an unfinished look, these beds can be purchased here for you to set up at home, or ordered directly from Giordano’s, and we  can provide delivery and setup in your ideal spot.

The raised bed comes in several sizes to fit every need, including single and multiple levels, which can easily be expanded to meet your growing gardening needs.