The Secret of Organic Veggies

Ok, you got me, there is no one single secret, but rather a conglomeration of techniques, best practices, etc that encourage the growth and quality you want in a home grown vegetable. From soil types to fertilizers to plant spacing, this guide will leave you feeling capable and ready to get started! So… Let’s to it!

Time to get down in the soil, sowing seeds, pulling weeds & growing delicious organic vegetables & fruits! To help guide you on your way, we put together this helpful planting schedule for vegetable gardens on Long Island (Zones 7a & 7b). Click Here For the Schedule

Great Organic Vegetables Start With Great Soil!

A fairly simply concept, for sure – however it makes a world of difference! Here’s a few tips towards healthy, nutrient-rich soil. 1) Feel around in your garden soil with your hands. Is it soft and moist? Is it chunky and dry? Clay or Sandy? These questions are especially important when you’re contemplating planting a vegetable garden. Furthermore, taking steps to build the quality of your top soil is the most important thing you can do! Healthy soil means healthy vegetables, berries & fruits.

If your soil is of poor quality, amending your soil for ideal nutrient content is especially important. Timing adding fertilizers to your soil so that pH is ideally balance and nutrients are available when your vegetables are beginning to produce flowers. We carry a variety of products that greatly improve your soil quality and nutrient availability. Stop by if you have any questions.

A Good Start

A good start can make all the difference! No, we’re not talking about getting things off to a good start or getting there early… we’re talking about high quality, healthy vegetable starts that were germinated indoors or in a greenhouse. While we certainly have a wide variety of vegetable starts at Giordano’s, you can actually start your own vegetables at your home! We recommend a starter kits and organic heirloom variety seeds for the best possible results.

Keep in mind that while many vegetables do prefer to be started indoors and then transplanted, there are vegetables though that prefer to be sown directly in the soil. Refer to seed packet instructions for the vegetables you wish to grow in your garden.


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