DIY: Go Green!

This summer you can “Go Green” with Tips, Products & Services from Giordano’s. From Solar-Powered Lighting & Fountains to Organic Vegetables, Fertilizers, Compost & Soils; there are so many ways to “Green” your outdoor living spaces!

Here are a few tips

  1. Start a Garden – our new elevated raised bed systems can be installed anywhere and your garden can be set up and planted in minutes!

  2. Compost! Or – Build a worm bin, here are some useful video links:
    Backyard Composting
    Worm Bins & Vermiculture (Red Wigglers)
    (Skip to Minute 4)

  3. Convert to Outdoor Solar Lighting – for walkways, patios and other outdoor living spaces.

  4. Build a Pond or Other Water Feature in Your Backyard (or have one installed for you)

  5. Build a Chicken Coop!
    • Chicken Coop From Pallets:

  6. Build an Apiary (Bees)

  7. Solar (Semi-Outdoor) Shower

Other ways to Go Green?:

We also have Eco Friendly Packaging & Gift Wrap:

All of our gift wrapping is free!

All of our gift wrapping is free!

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