Seeding Your Lawn The Right Way

Going for the Green? Here Are A Few Tips:

First, growing a beautiful lawn is NOT easy! It’s quite a process actually and requires patience, persistence and perseverance. Whether you are filling in a patchy lawn or growing grass from scratch in a section of bare earth, compost is key to your success and the success of your grass seedlings!


Here are our recommendations in no particular order:

  • Use a hand till (a rolling cylinder covered with spikes attached to a long handle that you “push” through your lawn) to aerate your soil before you begin
  • Compost should be spread over the entire area (including the healthy areas of grass in the case of a patchy lawn). It should be 1″ – 2″ deep. A 1 cu-ft bag of compost will cover 12sq ft @ 1″ deep.
  • We recommend using a combination of grass seeds in any project because each blend is suited to different soil/light conditions.
  • Spread the grass seed evenly across the areas that require new growth. Repeat every two weeks for at least 2 months for a full and lush lawn that will survive through the winter months.
  • Start early! Believe it or not, mid-March is actually the best time to begin planting. Your grass seedlings will have a huge headstart on the growing season. However, you can begin planting as late as mid-June while still achieving the results you desire.
  • Use Mycorrhizae for fast root growth – you can read our post on this amazing fungus here!
  • We always recommend organic fertilizers at Giordano’s, stop by our shop to speak with our experts about the right fertilizer blend for your needs!
  • Quarantine Your Lawn! Putting up a temporary fence around a seeded area to keep pets (and humans) off your growing grass seedlings is ALWAYS a good idea!

Good luck with your lawns this growing season, may they grow green and soft!



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