The Giordano’s Orchid Care Guide

Getting Started with Orchids

Rule #1 (actually, that’s the only rule…)

Don’t be scared! Orchids can be intimidating to care for, but our guide has all the information you need to keep your Orchids healthy and happy!

General Care During Bloom Cycle

  • Mist Orchids Daily with a Spray bottle
  • Water just before substrate dries completely (time between watering varies on the environment)
  • Feed a 50% dilution of liquid fertilizer every other week (see info on fertilizers at the bottom of this post)
  • Flush substrate once per month with cool water for 5mins on medium flow
  • Keep between 65-75 at night and between 75-85 during the day with medium-to-low light
  • An oscillating fan and humidifier are recommended nearby to keep air moist and circulating

7 Tips on How to Rebloom Your Orchid

This is probably the most difficult part of Orchid care…

    Tip 1:

  • Weekly: Feed orchids once per week with a water soluble fertilizer mixed at 1/2 the recommended strength on the label. We recommend 30-10-10 liquid fertilizer by Miracle Grow.
  • Tip 2:

  • Monthly: Flush with cool water for 5mins on medium flow
  • Tip 3:

  • Temperature: Mottled Varieties (60-65 degrees at night, 75-85 degrees during the day), Green Leaf Varieties (50-60 degrees at night, 75-80 degrees during the day)
  • Tip 4:

  • Light: LOW LIGHT is best for Moth & Mottled Orchids, Bright Light is best for Green Leaf Varieties!
  • Tip 5:

  • Humidity: Keep soil moist and water BEFORE it gets totally dry. The timing on watering for soil humidity depends on the relative humidity in the room you keep your orchids. Be attentive and check the soil daily.
  • Tip 6:

  • Substrate: Any one or combination/mixture of the following (Sphagnum Moss, Lava Rock, Coconut Husk Chips and/or Bark mix). JUST DO NOT USE SOIL!
  • Tip 7:

  • Repotting: Orchids may need to be repotted if they are overflowing (roots coming out of the pot) or if the substrate starts to rot due to the moist conditions. Repotting can be essential in the success of reblooming your orchids.

Flower Stalk Maintenance

Most orchids stalks will turn brown and go hard after the orchid flowers. Simply cut it close to the base, but make sure you don’t cut into the base! If you are caring for a Moth Orchid variety, your old flower stem may not turn brown, simply cut off the end to the nearest node that is green. This will launch/kickstart the Orchid’s dormant period and eventually the Orchid will have another bloom cycle.

Liquid Fertilizers

  • Miracle Gro 30-10-10 Liquid Fertilizer. 8oz $4.99 @ Giordano’s

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