How to properly store your Dahlias over winter…

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  • The Dahlia root should be dug up immediately after the frost has killed the foliage.
  • When digging, lift the tubers carefully from the ground so they do not break.
  • Carefully pull the soil away from the roots.
  • Allow the tubers to dry out in a garage or dry basement for a few days.
  • Then cut back the stems to about 4 inches
  • Place them in boxes
  • You can use peat moss or vermiculite as a storing medium for air circulation and separation.
  • Check tubers monthly to make sure there is no mold or rot (discard any infected tubers to prevent spread of disease)
  • If the roots look like they are shriveling you may need to add a little moisture (use a spray bottle)
  • Storing temperature should be between 40-50 degrees F.