The Secret of Harvesting Root Vegetables Later than You Ever Thought!

Did you know you can harvest your root vegetables after the frost and all winter long without losing taste or quality? In fact, root vegetables taste BETTER after a frost! That’s right! Parsnips, Turnips, Beets, Rutabagas and Carrots taste sweeter and keep longer if they’re left in the ground after a few frosts.

credit for this photo goes to The Green Guide

Just remember to fully harvest before the ground freezes entirely; or alternatively, you can place 6-8inches of packed hay on top of your remaining root vegetables to keep the ground from freezing. Don’t worry about crushing the greens, as they are no longer nourishing the roots anyway.

You can keep root vegetables in the ground long into the winter using this method and have fresh root veggies from your garden long after growing season! Enjoy.